September 5, 2017

Case Study for Dental Implants in Oxford

Dental Design

Although we do our best to save patients’ teeth, using techniques such as Endodontics, or root canal, here at One the Gallery we also treat a wide range of complex cases where teeth are fixed or replaced, using dental implants.

Whilst there are a number of tooth replacement options, the gold standard for tooth replacement is undoubtedly dental implants, due to their strong ability to replicate real teeth, both functionally and aesthetically. We always strive to give our patients the best clinical outcome, which means their implant supported crowns and bridges will not only work like proper teeth when eating, but also look like natural teeth when smiling or talking. Over years of extensive training by our team members, and thanks to many happy patients, our practice has established a good reputation of placing dental implants in Oxford.

While we can list our team qualifications and our years of experience as evidence of our advanced skills, from time to time we also like to publish some of our cases to show how we restore teeth. Both Vinit Gohil and Neel Patel are registered specialist prosthodontists, which means they are dental specialists that replace missing teeth using dental implants. Here is a recent case that was referred to us from another practice.


Before treatment

This gentleman was referred to us for consideration of dental implants as he was unable to tolerate his dentures to replace his missing teeth. Having had multiple unsuccessful dentures made, unfortunately their constant movement during talking and eating, and pressure on the gums made them intolerable. At his first appointment when we asked the patient what it was he wanted us to help him with, his response was:

“I just want to be able to be around my friends and family without worrying that every time I talk, smile or laugh my teeth will fall out. If possible, I would also really like to be able to have meals with them, without constantly worrying about when my teeth will move or cause pain making me leave the table to go to the bathroom to have to remove them for a while and even re-glue them back to try and avoid further embarrassment in front of my family and friends.

It was apparent that he was not tolerating his dentures and this was starting to affect not only his confidence, but also his quality of life. His current missing tooth replacement solution was not suitable for his needs.

After a thorough assessment of his medical and dental history and his mouth and gums, we proceeded with the planning phases of dental implant treatment. This included simple procedures such as dental impressions, digital x-rays and tooth set-ups to ensure that the teeth we were planning for would be in the most appropriate position to give him the optimal aesthetic and functional outcome.


Following detailed planning, the patient had dental implants placed in the upper and lower jaws, which provided a stable foundation when they were eventually connected to fixed implant bridges. Initially temporary bridges were inserted, this temporary tooth replacement allowing both him and us to assess the function and aesthetics of the teeth, while still allowing minor changes and modifications to be made. These were in place until he was happy that they were functioning, looked and felt like the teeth that he had always wanted. We also monitored and assessed the gums around the dental implants and teeth to make sure that were being maintained and easy to clean and keep healthy.

We used all this information we gained from the temporary bridges to create the metal-reinforced final bridges to give him a more permanent tooth replacement and ensure that he would successfully enjoy his ‘new teeth’ for years to come.

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Patient testimonial

“I cannot believe how lucky I was to have found One The Gallery. After years of not being entirely happy with my dental treatment and numerous dentists, I can now say that I will never need to look for another dentist again. The team at One The Gallery have been nothing but caring, honest and professional throughout all the treatment I have had. Although it has been a long journey, it is definitely one that I will never regret, and I cannot remember even one occasion when I felt uncomfortable or was in pain during all that time and treatment. Both Neel and Vinit, although highly experienced and professional, were extremely caring and took the time to listen to me, my previous problems and what I was hoping for at the end of treatment. I can honestly say that they have more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the rest of the team for always making sure I was comfortable before, during and after appointments, and for always promptly answering any queries I had and communicating with me throughout. I am no longer self conscious about where I go out, who I go with and most importantly what I eat! – all thanks to the wonderful team at One The Gallery.”

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