October 4, 2017

Who to Contact if You Need an Emergency Dentist in Oxford?

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Many of us have experienced that sensation of biting down on a tooth only to feel it crumble away, or have woken up with a nagging toothache that only gets worse. Then there are the dental emergencies that can arise because of trauma, when you perhaps knock out or chip a tooth. So, what should you do if need an emergency dentist in Oxford? Regular patients should contact us straightaway so we can take care of you. A dental emergency can be especially distressing if it occurs away from home so you cannot get in touch with your usual practice, but even if you aren’t a regular patient, we can help you here at One The Gallery.


Toothache is one of the most common dental emergencies. One thing to try is gently flossing or brushing around the affected tooth as sometimes impacted food can be enough to slightly dislodge a tooth, causing pain. If this doesn’t help, then you will need a dentist in Oxford. Often toothache is due to untreated tooth decay that has penetrated right into the centre of the tooth, affecting the pulp and on occasion cracks in teeth can also be the cause This type of infection does require prompt care and should be treated as a dental emergency. The sooner you can get treatment for a tooth infection, the more likely the tooth can be saved and fully restored with the correct endodontic care using root canal therapy. If you try to ignore toothache then there is a good chance the infection may begin to affect your general health. Possible symptoms include spreading of the pain, facial swelling near the infected tooth, developing a high fever and generally feeling rather unwell. In this situation, it is vital to seek emergency dental care because without treatment, these symptoms can become life-threatening.

A chipped or cracked tooth is another common scenario. You may chip a tooth due to some sort of trauma or it’s possible for a tooth to crumble away if it has a cavity, or if a filling has failed or is leaking. Whatever the reason, even a small chip in a tooth shouldn’t be ignored because it will let in decay-causing bacteria. What began as an easily repaired chip or crack could develop into a full-scale tooth infection requiring root canal therapy to save your tooth.

An avulsed or knocked out tooth may occur if you take a blow to the mouth and this requires immediate treatment from an emergency dentist in Oxford. When a tooth is knocked out there is a small window of opportunity to try to reinsert it, but only within the first half an hour to an hour after the accident. Carefully pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse off any visible dirt. If you wish to try and reinsert the tooth yourself, just make sure it faces the right way around and hold it in place with a clean finger or bite down gently on a clean tissue and come to see us immediately here at One The Gallery. Alternatively store the tooth in a little milk or saliva, or even inside your cheek and come and see us straightaway.


Whether you are a current patient or are visiting the area and need a dentist in Oxford, our caring and highly experienced dental team will help you. Although we do provide general dental services, we are also a referral practice due to the specialised nature of many of the services offered. Dentists frequently refer their patients to us when more complicated procedures are required to restore dental health and this is because we have several experienced dental specialists and highly experienced dentists on our team. A dental specialist has chosen to first qualify as a general dentist before completing several years of advanced training to qualify as a specialist in a particular field of dentistry.

Here at One The Gallery we have two specialist prosthodontists on our team, a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon, as well as a dentist who focuses on delivering root canal treatment. Our expertise allows us to carry out complex treatments not available in most general dental practices, which also include advanced endodontic services with the use of a high magnification microscope. You may require endodontic care if you have a tooth infection and need root canal therapy to help restore it. It can be particularly helpful to see a dentist with more advanced endodontic training and advanced equipment, especially if a previously root treated tooth becomes re-infected and requires more specialised care beyond the scope of a general dentist.

Our prosthodontists are especially well-qualified to diagnose and manage fractured or broken fillings and failing crowns. Although where possible we try and restore teeth, if a tooth has to be removed, we are very experienced and more than equipped to help plan and replace any missing teeth using dental implants. This service can be especially useful if you lose a tooth due to a dental emergency, providing a long-term and highly aesthetic and functional solution. We provide the very latest computer guided surgery for a more comfortable and more successful implant treatment. Our practice can also provide sophisticated bone grafting procedures to help facilitate dental implant treatment. Our oral surgeon is trained in dento-alveolar surgery and can treat facial traumas. He has extensive experience in minor oral surgery procedures. With our experience and training, our specialists and dentists can look after you no matter your dental emergency, ensuring you get the very best and most appropriate care to restore your dental health and your smile.

We understand that any type of dental emergency is never pleasant and can be upsetting which is why our friendly and extremely caring dental team is here to help you. From your first phone call, all the way through to managing your dental emergency, the team at One The Gallery will go out of their way to make sure you are cared for and comfortable. If you need our assistance then we will book you in to see an emergency dentist in Oxford as soon as we can. We generally aim to see people in discomfort or pain on the same day, providing a diagnosis and appropriate treatment to help you feel more comfortable. As we are a specialist dental practice, we have more sophisticated diagnostic equipment that includes a 3D cone beam CT scanner. This is particularly useful for diagnosing infections, treating complex endodontic cases and when planning oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery procedures When you come to see us, you are assured of receiving the very best and most advanced care.

If you need emergency dental care then please call us on 01865 256007. Our caring dental team will book you an appointment and we can offer useful advice over the phone.